Sesame Sweet Soup Recipe

Sesame Sweet Soup Recipe
My parents made sweet sesame soup only once in my memory. It was because making a living wasn't easy back then and they wouldn't have time to make anything other than the core meals. Also, there was nothing called pre-packed ground sesame available in the market. To make your own in a large batch (so that you would feel it's worth the effort) and then grind them into a fine powder was absolutely time consuming. It was a warm moment in the kitchen, helping my parents put the sesame in a blender and enjoying the privilege of controlling the on/off button.

Let's come back to the dessert. Adding white rice in the soup not only can thicken the consistency but also gives it a smoother texture while coordinating the bitter flavour of the sesame. You may see that I added a few other types of mixed grains in my rice, but it's totally personal preference. The fact was, I ran out of white rice (Lol). 

In this recipe, I skipped the process of straining, which is supposed to give a silky texture for your palate. Since this original texture doesn't bother me, I was happy to keep all the remains and to save the work. If you do like the smoother version, after blending the rice and the sesame, you can strain the mixture through a cheese cloth or a fine-mesh sieve to filter the residue.

Hope you enjoy our traditional dessert.


Simple Sesame Sweet Soup (popular dessert in Hong Kong)

Ingredients: (yield about 2 portions)
85 gram Ground Black Sesame
20 gram Rice, rinsed, soaked for about an hour
60 gram Rock Sugar or White Sugar
2 cups Water

* Ground black sesame is always available in big Asian markets. If you have only black sesame seeds, just simply toast them in a pan over a low heat until they are fragrant and start to pop. Then, blend the seeds with the soaked rice together until smooth.

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